You Are What You Play… Or Are You? – Experimenting With Morality In Video Games

Breaking Moulds

The lock clicks open and the door opens softly. I withdraw my lock pick and slide inside undetected, one with the shadows. He’s in here somewhere.

It’s past midnight and he should be sleeping. There are no voices, no movements save my own muffled footsteps. I remind myself not to get distracted by the chest near the entrance – if all goes well I can sift through it on my way out. Crouching, I creep up the stairs and peek around the corner. He’s alone, and fast asleep. Perfect.

He barely makes a sound as I slit his throat with my dagger. I quickly scour his room for gold, and pocket some gems that he carelessly placed on his bedside table. A tip. I then plant the letter that will incriminate his estranged brother. A notification pops up on the screen: quest completed.

As I leave the house I feel…

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