About Nontraditional Authoring

I recently had to do a project based on nontraditional authoring. I argued that the maker of a YouTube video is an author and the video a form of authoring. The video I used as my template is listed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnOyIdUg4uA&list=FL-616Iw_RaL_QHbUOTsrUQQ&index=5. If you have ever watched NCIS, I recommend that you check it out. It is a tribute to Tony and Ziva‘s relationship over the 8 years that they have known each other. It was a very interesting experience for me to watch and analyze it as if I was analyzing a traditional form of authoring.

Through this process, I got to further explore the idea that my English class has been discussing that says that everyone is an author. As i explored the devices that the author used to make the video, I saw that they were just the visual counterparts of the ones people use to analyze text on a daily basis.  For example, color and lighting set a mood and music steps into a place only words usually stay. I began to wonder, what really separates a novelists from a video maker? They are both trying to tell a story within their medium. They are both laying out a message that they want us to accept. The interesting thing is that it works. We do care and we do accept the story that they present to us as their audiences, as their “readers” if you will.

The only real difference is how they do it. Most people would define them both as artists, one of words and the other of images. I say that they can both share the title of author. This project helped me to see mediums like photography and sculpting and video making in a completely different light. I now see them as storytellers just as traditional authors have always been viewed. What do y’all think. Is everyone an author?



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