They Let Kids Watch This?



I recently watched the Hunchback of Notre Dame for the first time.  It was a very good story, but honestly my first thought was “They actually let children watch this?” For the people that have seen it, it is very intense and very adult for a children’s movie. The villain, who is a judge, struggles with lust, tries to commit genocide, and almost throws a baby into a well. Not exactly Winnie the Pooh.

My next thought was that there is an entire vein of movies like this. I may not have seen Hunchback of Notre Dame until recently, but I did watch some weird as crap kids movies.  Does anyone remember Chicken Run? I had nightmares for a while.  Thumbelina is very dark even thought it is animated. I was scarred for life by one of the sequels of the Swan Princess.

When we’re little, we don’t know that these are too mature for us.  I mean, every Thanksgiving my cousins and I would watch the animated version of Babes in Toyland.  I realize now that that is a really strange movie. Back then, I didn’t. A little kid watching the Hunchback of Notre Dame probably doesn’t understand what in the world Frollo is singing about, they just know that he is the bad guy. It isn’t until you get older that it all makes sense. Then you wonder, why on earth did my (fill in the blank) let me watch this?

What do y’all think? What movies traumatized you as a child? Why do these movies exist? What were our parents thinking?


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