On Collaborative Projects and Bioweapons

I just finished a project on Bioterrorism and Bioweapons. It was a group project, which I usually hate, that I actually enjoyed. We had to pick a controversial topic to write a persuasive essay about. The one I wanted to do was off limits, so we decided to research bioweapons.
It took us a while to find a topic to work on. Most of the things we saw were either related to the topics we were not allowed to do or boring topics that are incredibly overdone. The reason we decided to do bioweapons is because I have honestly watched too many movies and thought it looked interesting. She was flexible.
Our project ended up being more about fear than actual weaponry however. Fear is an incredibly powerful motivator. I recently got Netflix and started watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer. One of the episodes in the first season explores what happens when our worst fears come true. It was a very interesting thing to think about and I thought about it a lot during the project. We figured out from extensive research that there is much more fear around this issue than their actually should be. There has not been a major attack really since the anthrax scare of 2001. Even then, only a few people died. Terrorists aren’t really organized or rich to pull off a majorly destructive attack.
This was was one of the only times I have actually enjoyed a group project. My partner was helpful and cooperative and I did not have to do all the work. We were able to get it done in two three hour segments at the library. So, what have y’all’s experiences been with collaborative project? Curious about my project? I now have extensive knowledge of what toxins do what, how fast, and how effectively, so if you have questions I would love to answer them.


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