On Resumes and Job Interviews

Confession time. I have never had an actual job. I volunteer for a lot of things, and I have been paid for a devotion that is going to be published next month but I have never had a legitimate job. Needless to say that when my latest project turned out to be either answers for job interview questions or a cover letter and resume, I felt a little bit out of my comfort zone. I chose the first option because I could write it in essay form which I understood and can work.I mean, it only had to be two pages double spaced, how hard could it be? Now for the sake of applicability, I had to find an open job that I would actually want to apply for to use as a template for these questions. After I finish college, I want to be a writer. In order to avoid living broke in a ditch somewhere when that time comes, I should acquire some professional experience. I found a freelance writing job on Elance.com to use. The person was willing to pay a penny a word for the first 3,000-5,000 words and, depending on reviews and such, get paid on a 40% royalty basis. Since then, it has been awarded to some incredibly lucky person, but when I saw it it practically screamed my name. It was exactly the job I wanted. It is a tad bit difficult to answer things like what do you know and like about our organization when the person did not give out much. Just like novels, you have to be creative when faced with certain types of issues. Focus on values that you have in common etc. All in all, it was good practice for when I actually do apply for a job.
So what were y’all’s first jobs or dream jobs? Any suggestions for a newbie?


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