Honoring the Heroine: Abigail “Abby” Sciuto

Though she doesn’t actually watch this show, she does talk about one of my favorite characters. Love Abby!!!!

Honoring the Heroines

Full discloser: I am not a regular NCIS watcher, not by far. But that’s the nice thing about the show. Nowadays, most shows have a story-arc so strong, that you are more or less forced to watch every episode. It used to be different. “Old school” series were constructed in a way that you could jump in whenever you wanted, and nothing had changed. The downside was the lack of character development.

NCIS has a nice balance. There are small arcs, there is character development, but it is still quite easy to jump in whenever you want without being totally confused what is going on. I am convinced that this is part of the success of this show. Whenever I am in the mood to just watch some TV, I default to it (and the show is nearly always on somewhere). The other reason is a myriad of interesting characters. Especially interesting female…

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