Routine is a far better friend than inspiration

I’m going to bet that your muse doesn’t always show up when you want her to. Muses are tricky, fickle creatures. They are like cats in that they prefer to do things only when they damn well please and never according to anyone else’s schedules or needs. Also, like cats, they have a tendency to […]

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How Did His Mind Hold All of This?

There is always more. Don’t take away my nerd card, but I didn’t even know that these letters existed. So exciting!!!

It is sort of a trick, isn’t it? Any true Tolkien fan will say that every page in The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien is essential. However, not everyone enjoys letters as much as I do. Some might absolutely love The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, but don’t find great joy peeking into the lives of authors […]

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Bookmarking For Future Reference

A prodigious essayist, it is this area of C.S. Lewis’ work that I find the most provocative—even more so than the fiction and apologetics books (though there is overlap in the latter category). Whether inspirational or controversial, his brevity, clarity and wit strike through his reviews, lectures, published letters, editorials, sermons, public controversies, paper, and […]

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“Capes and Classes Optional” Guest Blog by Adam Mattern (Signum Series) — A Pilgrim in Narnia

I love this. Superman and C.S. Lewis and job advice. What more could you want?

Adam Mattern works as a mild-mannered data analyst for a large networking company and is currently studying at Signum University for a M.A. in Language & Literature (concentration in Classical, Medieval & Renaissance Literature). He has love of pop geek-culture, an enthusiasm for literature, and a desire to study the intersection of orthopraxy and theology. […]

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Author Brands & Book Sales—Why Boutique is BIG — Kristen Lamb’s Blog

Normally my blogs are all about telling y’all you are not a special unique snowflake. But yeah y’all are but don’t get a big head about it😛 . We just need to discern the places we are not special (I.e. we all have to do the work) and figure out the places we are and […]

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