Editing Part 1

It’s weird what you learn about yourself when editing your own book. For instance, I put a lot less on paper than I actually think about. In case that doesn’t actually make sense, let me give y’all an example. One of my handlers is Asian. I know this and this is how I’ve imagined her, but while reading through my draft, I realized that I never actually said that. It took me two edits to realize this. Granted they were a spell check edit and a grammatical edit, but still. During my content edit, I can fix this.

What are y’all’s weird editing things? I know it can’t just be me.

Weird Thing Happened In Barnes and Noble Today

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I was at Barnes and Noble with my mom today and this woman passes me and says, “These are good books, right?” and I politely reply yes and she starts giving me a sales pitch.

Her name is Charlotte Fairchild and she tells me her book, Murder on the Silver Comet Trail is free on Kindle, which upon further research means KDP not Amazon. The link to the book is below.

So we have a long conversation about Agatha Christie, because she says that the book doesn’t have any blood and guts in it, which I thought was weird because murder generally involves blood.

Then she tells me about this button she has, which I found out later was part of a non-profit. Link to it below.


We talk about self-defense and women in tech for a while. She was an extra in two movies and didn’t think there were enough women working tech. I don’t know which movies.

I didn’t get the chance to ask, because her sister comes up to her and tells her they need to go. That’s when she tells me her name and we talk about the movie Sabrina.

It takes guts to cold sell someone in the Young Adult section of Barnes and Noble. I don’t think I could do it.  I get nervous calling people I know.

What do y’all think? Could you ever coldsell someone in a book store? Do you think it’s a good strategy? Has anyone read this book?